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Paradise Falls will bring a piece of paradise to your desktop
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Waterfalls have always been a very special attraction for many people. They can produce different sensations and mood. And we can find waterfalls of any kind imaginable. Who won’t stare in awe watching a very high waterfall plunging all the way to the bottom? Or the magnificence of large falls like the Niagara’s? Or the peacefulness of a small waterfall in a lake or stream?

Paradise Falls will bring a piece of paradise to your desktop. This beautiful screensaver will really help you relax after a long day at the office or after a hard day at home. You will be standing at the end of a gentle river, where you will be able to see the movement of the water as well as listen to its sound. All around you, birds fly and sing. Some butterflies fly very close to you, and you can see some other inhabitants on trees and at the shore. In a distance you will see the mighty mountains as a silhouette against the setting sun. You stay there mesmerized at the effects produced by the rays of the sun.

Your mind goes at ease, and it starts to really relax. You can really forget about all your daily troubles and just enjoy the view with no one to disturb you. Paradise Falls will surely become one of your favorite screensavers.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very relaxing
  • Great water effects
  • Relaxing sounds


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